In 2087, the Sun will go supernova.

Build the fastest spaceship carrying the most survivors, save humanity from solar extinction and travel to the nearest exoplanet.

Set in the near future, Earth667C gives 2 to 6 players the opportunity to save humanity from our sun going supernova. In twenty solar cycles, the sun will explode and destroy everything in our solar system. Use the remaining resources of our planet to construct your ship in orbit. Build it fast. Build it strong. Build it to save as many humans as you can and launch your spaceship to the nearest exoplanet before the supernova.

Constructing your ship is only half the game. For those that survive the solar event and launch their ships, they must face new challenges on the way to our new exoplanet home, Earth667C. The Journey to the new planet has boosts and perils along the way, including black holes, quasars, enemy vessels, and asteroid fields. Your ship building skills and the luck of the dice combine to determine your crew and survivors’ fates. Will you be the first to Earth667C?